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Hello, I'm Monique

Hey you! Thanks for dropping by. In a nutshell, these are my certifications: Personal Trainer, TRX Advanced Group Training Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach. 

What does all of that mean? I can help you with your fitness goals, whether it’s to help you move better, feel better, feel fitter and most important of all, healthier. Whether it’s through strength and condition exercises, or mobility and flexibility flows, I have been helping clients move better and feel better since 2013. 

The fitness calling came to me later in life, mostly to prove to my three children that you can make a career change and be successful after 40! Working in a women’s only health club for a few years, my experience has mostly been with women of varying abilities and injuries. Currently, I train clients in my private home studio, using functional training tools and TRX suspension training. I have taught TRX group fitness classes at a Toronto golf and country club as well.

My mission statement, as a fitness professional, is to motivate, educate, and inspire women. In June 2017, that statement took on a whole new meaning when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After a solid cry, I decided that there had to be some purpose to my illness. Grateful that the disease was detected early, and now a cancer survivor, this new experience enables me to help a whole new group of women who need some motivation and fitspiration.

My life has always been centered around my family, the kids (now grown and flown), fitness, and more recently my new obsession, my tiny dog. I understand the very real struggles of juggling the demands of work, family, children, and the very little time that seems to be left for you. My job is to help you balance life stress with a little bit of “me-time” in the form of challenging fun workouts. To me, Personal Training is very personal. I never ever take myself too seriously, however I take my job and my commitment to helping you live a fitter life extremely seriously!

Let me help you...

What are your goals?  Short term. Long term. Right now.

To move better and feel better? I get it. After 40, particularly with
peri-menopause and menopause, things start to ache. Learning how to move properly and safely not only reduces the risk of injury, it also helps you feel better getting out of bed every morning. For real.

Want to regain some mobility after an injury? Believe me, I’ve broken bones, strained muscles, and have had to rehab myself after lumpectomy surgery and radiation. If you have been cleared for exercise, I can help you.

Life cycle event coming up and you want to feel your best? Sure you want to look good too, but I teach proper postural movements, as well, through core strengthening exercises, both on and off the TRX suspension trainer. 

Looking to have fun workouts with a fitness professional and get fitter at the same time? Feedback I’ve received is that the time with me goes by quickly! It’s good sweaty fun!

Bringing a friend? Sure! Small group training is an option.

Do you have a fitness studio and are looking for a professional, fully certified TRX instructor? I’ve been teaching small group TRX classes at a Toronto golf and country club. My participants are a mix of men and women, all ages, also with various injuries. Everyone leaves having had a safe, enjoyable, and energizing workout.


All core, All the time. TRX Workouts combine flexibility, core, cardio and strength training. Safe and fun for everyone! Easily progressed and regressed to benefit all fitness levels and help you achieve your goals.


Looking to get fitter for a life cycle event? Do have specific goals and looking for an experienced Coach? Coaching is way more than standing idly by a client counting reps. Let me show you what it’s all about.

Group Classes

Are you fitness manager for a club looking for an experienced TRX Group Instructor? Or are you a fitness enthusiast looking for small group training up to 4 people in the comfort of my private personal training studio? Talk to me!


Nutrition and Exercise go hand in hand. Often clients find nutrition and finding the right balance for them the most challenging. As a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, let me help you with that.

Personal Training

Get Moving and Feeling Better. Experienced and skilled personal training in my home studio, specializing in functional training, delivering safe, fun, effective, efficient workouts without costly gym memberships.

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Where Personal Training meets Yoga. Now a 500-hour trained yoga teacher! Personalized private yoga sessions.

I love sharing.

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